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    The Man Who Beat the Man

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The YNLBP Store is Officially Open!

Posted by ocbenji On December - 14 - 2008

The YNLBP Online Store is now open!  The YNLBP eShop is located here.

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  1. Stephen Timm Said,

    I had the pleasure of reading the book Secrets of the Negro baseball League told by Dennis Biddle. I wasn’t sure what to expect after receiving the book. I thought it was going to be solely about the playing days of Mr. Biddle. I soon found out the sad ending to what was a short but quite successful playing career. The events that occurred after Dennis’ playing days are, in my opinion, more important. I don’t want to give many specifics of the book because it is something that should be read by everyone who wants to know the truth. Mr. Biddle became the leader of the living Negro League Baseball Players after all of them were lied to again and again. The things that make me cringe most were the facts that it was their own men who they played with back in the day who were taking advantage of them. These were their friends, or so they thought, who used them for selfish purposes. Mr. Biddle faced a lot of adversity in his playing days which I believe helped him battle through the tough times he encountered in the organization he started, with his good friend Sherwood Brewer , Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball Players Foundation. I am not sure what you people know about the Negro Baseball league or think you know about it. Maybe you know as much as I used to know which wasn’t much. I saw a few specials on t.v. about it and I am sure everyone who watches baseball knows about Jackie Robinson. The thing is, perhaps you know a bit about the playing days of a handful of the former Negro League baseball players but that is far from the whole story. This book tells the truth not only about some things that happened during those ball playing days but more importantly tells a story that not many people know about. I would like to end by saying please check out the book and learn for yourself what struggles the few living Negro League baseball players are going through. Thanks to the help of Mr. Biddle and many other GREAT people the players are starting to get the things that are well deserved, and long overdue. I believe the book is available for you if you make a donation which goes towards helping the living players with needs they have. Coming from a person who has read the book I think you will get more out of reading the book than what you give to get it. It is an important story that must be remembered long after all the people who played in the Negro Leagues are gone. It is a part of our country’s history that isn’t well known but it should be because of its great significance and importance.

    Posted on July 1st, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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